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Stock And Inventory Software

Stock And Inventory Software

Our Stock And Inventory Software is an all in one software package which is good for managing all your informations. The great part about our Stock And Inventory Software is that it comes in two package, the online software and the computer software. It also comes with a point of sale software You can manage your information when you are not around your computer anywhere in the world. The Software Includes:

  • Add Employee Information
  • Send SMS And Email
  • Add Products
  • Add Sales
  • Add Customers
  • Add Suppliers
  • Notifications
  • Add Purchases
  • Add Stock
  • Stock Transfer
  • Add Users
  • Add Ware House Information
  • Point Of Sale Software
  • Calculator
  • User Settings
  • Records
  • Reports
  • Sms Messaging - Ghc 100/yearly
  • Online Software - Ghc 400/yearly
  • Computer Software Price is negotiable
  • etc...
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