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Maintenance And Support

Maintenance & Support Services

Bluevels offers a comprehensive range of support services to complement and enhance the technology solutions that our clients demand. From a single system to a complete IT infrastructure, from hardware to software, Bluevels are committed to providing excellence in customer support and customer satisfaction, driven by our continual service improvement initiatives.

Custom Maintenance and Service Contracts

We are more than happy to look at your situation and work together to develop a contract that fits your unique situation. Do you need somebody available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Or do you prefer to just have someone on standby during regular business hours? How about having someone proactively monitoring your IT infrastructure remotely, so you don’t have to? Or bringing someone in for onsite training? With us, you’ll get what you want, and only pay for what you want.

  • Flexible SLA’s

  • Lower acquisition (cost for more storage)

  • No Escalation: You Are Already a Priority

    You will get a dedicated engineer with a direct email address and cell phone number. In other words, you’ll get the highest level of priority escalation, every time, and won’t have to waste time repeating yourself because the person at the other end will already know your IT system inside and out, and will remember exactly who you are and always serve as a single point of contact – starting from pre-sales and right through to maintenance and support.

  • Dedicated support team

  • Direct access to level 3 engineers

  • Consistent contact

  • Onsite “Spare” Kits

    We’ll send you a spares kit that will stay onsite at your location. If there is ever a part issue, a replacement is already onsite. We have warehouse inventory filled with replacements of anything you’d ever need.

  • Increase business continuity

  • IT efficiency

  • Remote Support

    Save time and money by working with Bluevels technicians remotely whenever possible. We can remote control your systems, walk you through processes over the phone, or contract with local engineers if need be.

  • knowledge across multiple technologies

  • Faster diagnosis and resolution

  • Downtime is not an option for businesses that are increasingly dependent on technology. Bluevels knows that managing and maintaining desktops, network infrastructure and servers has become business critical and beyond the scope of internal resources. You can’t afford to run the risk of system failures that impact on productivity and cost companies money.

    Bluevels provides 99.9 per cent availability and 24/7 support. Our proactive approach reduces helpdesk calls by identifying problems before they arise. A combination of accredited engineers and best-in-class management tools gives your business regular health checks that prevent minor issues turning into major disruption.

    An organisation’s mission critical applications and hardware are only as good as their availability, which is why we tailor maintenance and support services to each client’s needs. Whether it’s across multiple sites or contingent on remote working, our experts will devise appropriate support and maintenance plans for your business.

    We analyse the way your network and systems run and allocate appropriate expertise to manage it through a single point of contact. Remote monitoring and regular service calls are central to our approach. We resolve system performance issues on a real-time basis.

    Over 80 per cent of reported problems can be dealt with from our control centre with different levels of on-site support solving the rest. Our maintenance and support contracts include parts and labour at a fixed rate. There are no hidden costs.